Teenager with Altitude – a battle of legs and head

Teenager with Altitude –  a battle of legs and head – by Jenny Russell


Head said you need an early season challenge, so I hit submit on the on line entry.  Legs said “bugger” as they settled in for a January evening in front of the TV.

Head realised the cut of at the half way point, both head and legs agreed this would be a challenge and wanted to avoid the walk of shame back to the start.

Head got me out on a claggy and windy March day to reccie the route, but the legs weren’t willing. Outside of the time – legs plodded back to the start.

Legs tried again, a second reccie, head was happy, 6 minutes inside the cut off.  Legs grumbled as head made us go on.

Head knew we could do this, legs agreed…..then as the day approach head wasn’t so sure.  Unable to devise a convincible excuse, head conceded.  We would be there; we would be at the start.  Oh **** thought legs.

Head gave itself a talking to, its own pre-race briefing, then both head and legs found themselves at the start. Head turned off…….its legs that will get us up that hideously steep first climb.  Legs knew they had to keep pushing, they had to keep going.  Head knew the splits for the first 3 check points, head knew we were ahead of these, head was happy.

Legs excelled themselves as we took the steep decent followed by a short climb, we made the cut off.  Head would have been happy but just legs carried on, brutally keeping going up that relentless climb.  Head couldn’t be bothered to look at the view – held hostage by the legs that kept pushing.

Back on familiar ground, head knew where it was going.  Taking racing lines and sneaky trods, Legs happily descended on easier ground.   Head knew we would be inside our target time.  Legs didn’t care, they were on a mission.

Photo © Steve Razzetti

Head gloated, 25 minutes inside our target time.  Next day, legs grumbled.

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