Bugs blog leg 7

My time with Paul started with a night time run along the bypass. 
The next day Paul was busy so couldn’t head out towards Claire’s so instead we had a run along the Millers Way, heading west to the village of Great Orton, passing through Orton Moss Nature Reserve. 

Miller’s Way
Orton Moss

I had been looking forward to an outing along the Cumbria Way to head back to the Northern Fells but unfortunately Paul is recovering from Covid so we could only head south, cycling on the roads. 

We took the scenic route and took in the sights of Dalston and Rose Castle. 
Once we got to Sebergham Paul hid me for Claire to find. 
Hoping for an exciting visit to Claire’s farm.


Retrieval run 3 miles

Millers Way run 7.6 miles

Bike 22.6 miles

Paul Wilson

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