The Joy of an Evening Race

A poem by Jenny Russell

Hidden in the mellay of the day to day

The evening fell race is a a joy I’d say

They don’t boast great distance, height gains or crowds

Just fell running traditions of which I am proud.

Not needing reccies, tapers of training plans

Just routes out on the hills of which we are fans

For they are what fell running is

A low key event costing a couple of quid.

If the weathers fair needing minimal kit

A mid week outing to get our fell racing hit.

Get changed in the car, a dash to the start

A quick chat with friends  before we depart

A local route, a local race

Everyone trying to improve their pace

Some fast some slow

If they measured enjoyment, all winners you know.

 A duel between you and the runner in front

Please hope it’s not me that’s starting to grunt.

Followed by a pint or maybe some cake

Analysis of the best lines to take

Talk of the next run – a big outing is planned

But for now, this evening  has just been grand.

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