Lockdown Relay Leg 9: Caldbeck to Little Fellside

Claire had left me hiding behind a drain post at Caldbeck Village Hall and it seemed ages before Tony came to collect me as he had been wrestling with a ginormous pile of firewood.
He picked me up and after a couple of hundred metres on the road we went into the fields, Tony had to run around the edges as it had just been slurried – it was very smelly!!
We then went into ‘The Howk’ which is a series of waterfalls, fortunately no need to ford as there was a footbridge.  Apparently in the early 1800s there was no need for a bridge, it was solid rock with the river flowing through a hole until it was blown up with dynamite during a local landowners dispute! No explosions today – phew!!

From the Howk it was a short trip through a couple of fields to Tony’s house and a quick look at the following day’s route.  I then had a bath and dried off by the AGA.

Tony is probably one of the newer members of NFRC and has only been a member during lockdown and has not really had chance to meet many club members yet.  He has been running for a year and only took it up in his late 50s.  The following day we set off back through the fields and past The Howk and up through the fields to Potts Gill Mine and headed back up High Pike again, we paused for a moment to enjoy fabulous views in all directions.  If I thought Jen’s joints were creaking on leg 2 you should have heard Tony’s, plus I’m sure I could hear something like an old steam train puffing away!!  I also remember thinking that he must have been having a Navmare as we were miles away from Little Fellside and he was heading off in totally the wrong direction.  We then ran to a place called Lingy Hut where we stopped and had a look around.  I would have liked to have stopped there it was a great view from the window, maybe I’ll go there again sometime soon!

We then ran to a hill called Knott and straight on and downhill, this time the old steam train was going much faster and there was nowhere near as much puffing.  We went straight past Great Sca and Little Sca Fell summits and on to the top of Brae Fell where we stopped to take some photos and send a message to Graham to expect me.

Following a fast downhill (relativly fast – he’s no spring chicken!) we ran through a river and back up to Fellside and along a trail to Little Fellside.  Tony wasn’t sure where Graham and Rachel lived but guessed it was the one with the big shiny green biomass hopper and hid me near there.  As he left he chuckled “There’s more then one “hopper” now in Little Fellside”.  He then ran off back through the fields to home.

Collection run – 4.65 miles – about a mile with Bugs
Drop off run 13.37 miles – about 10.5 with bugs 

Tony Bolton

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