Leg 5 part 1: Bugs explores Carlisle

It’s been a busy day in the city, first a half marathon on foot with Michael, then a half marathon by bike with Angela and Zack.

It didn’t take long to be retrieved from the racecourse, Zack seemed quite hesitant about taking me on board, Angela was quite happy to give me a bird’s eye view of our journey.

Bugs’ first journey by bike

We visited Hammonds Pond, where I met the wildlife and was given a tour of the BMX track by Zack, we both got rather dirty & wet!

Our onward journey through Currock, to Denton Holme and Cummersdale. Zack was insistent on giving me another adventure ride before we headed home.

I’m not sure how long I will reside with these two, maybe tomorrow I’ll be moving on……

Angela Wilson

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