Easter Choc-O

Happy Easter from Northern Fells:
Easter Choc-O

It’s Easter Choc-O time – and we are pleased to report that we have another brilliant Choc-O in place out there on our Northern Fells for you to enjoy over your Easter holidays. The details are:

It’s about 9miles long. The best car parking is to be found at Greenhead GR 286371.
Parking here is roadside and needs to be considerate (If it is too wet to park here, consider parking at Longlands, GR 266358- this would add on a relatively easy 2miles)

There are 11 checkpoints in total with the chocolate incentive at the end. I think that nav, should be fairly straight forward, and easy by orienteering standards, but hopefully connoisseurs of the Northern Fells will enjoy the route.

The first checkpoint is found at GR 278359 and is found on a large promontory that rises above the stream. It is best approached along the East bank of the stream. There is a fence (not marked on the map) and the best way to cross this fence is via the wooden structure found by the stream junction in a dip by the checkpoint!!

Just one last thing (disclaimer) there is some steep rocky ground out there. There is no need to do any scrambling or put yourself in any danger, there is an easy way to each checkpoint!