Club Runs


Unfortunately the fortnightly club runs remain on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic. Instead, the club are doing a monthly virtual challenge with club members submitting times to the race organiser and results being published at the end of the month.

Lockdown virtual challenge: Stay Safe Scavenger Hunt

Thanks to Claire Dickinson for coming up with this idea for the lockdown challenge. Staying safe and local is necessary, here is something to motivate you to get out and explore what’s on your doorstep. Take a picture of your best finds, to share or just tick them off. It’s just for fun.

1. Post Box
2. White Horse(s)
3. Trig Point
4. Massive Puddle
5. Bulbs Shooting
6. Geese Overhead
7. Stars in the Sky
8. Lambs
9. Bull
10. Bridge
11. Four-way Sign Post
12. Flag
13. Your Age in Numbers
14. Tractor
15. Fungi
16. Animal Tracks
17. Match the Animal to its Tracks
18. Litter (pick it up)
19. Kissing Gate
20. Cobweb
21. Pine Cone
22. Another NFRC Runner Running
23. Fossil/Pretty Stone
24. Rainbow
25. Brocken Spectre or Other Weather Phenomenon
26. Keep Off the Precious Grass( dare you!)
27. Crag
28. Lonely Gate/Stile
29. Waterfall
30. Phone Box
If anyone has any good photos, please share them on the Facebook page or email them to and we'll share a selection of the best at the end of lockdown.
The original January challenge - the Three Wainwrights Challenge - will be back once everyone has more equitable access to the fells.

December virtual challenge

Happy New Year and well done to everyone who completed the December virtual challenge. The joint winners are Ali Todd for doing the whole route dressed as Santa, and Helen, Arran and Joseph Horne for going to the effort of taking an entire Christmas pudding and lighting it

November virtual challenge results

A huge thanks to everyone who had a go at the November 5k challenge. It was initially conceived as running a known 5k course (e.g. a parkrun) but it morphed into any 5k as fast as you can, as I realised the value (especially during lockdown) of a challenge that can be done anywhere, and that may inspire us to come up with other similar types of challenges. 12 club members undertook the challenge with a few doing it more than once. I’ve included the results in the order that I received them with special kudos going to Mike Rudd and Tony Bolton who both bettered their PBs and Edmond Jackson who did the challenge every week and improved his time on each occasion.

October virtual challenge results

Well done to everyone who completed the October challenge, which was Great Calva and Lingy Hut from Swineside.

Most people went Calva, over Knott to Lingy, with various lines from Knott, not always intentional. Wind, rain clag and bogs were reported by most runners, but everyone seemed to enjoy the route.

  • James Briscoe 1:10:12
  • Paul Wilson 1:15:03
  • Tony Bolton 1:15:08
  • Natalie Hawkrigg 1:15:15
  • Adam Jackson 1:15:34
  • Michael Rudd 1:15:42
  • Jessica Richardson 1:17:26
  • Chris Curtis 1:18:54
  • Chris Curtis 1:19:34
  • Chris Curtis 1:21:15
  • Andrew Martindale 1:26:10
  • Claire Dickinson 1:30:06
  • Rose Singleton 1:30:46
  • Jenny Russell 1:33:38
  • Jenny Russell 1:38:17

September virtual challenge – results

Well done to everyone who did the Bowscale September challenge which was a uphill only challenge time to Bowscale summit from red phone box any route. The main routes chosen were either diagonal track round back of tongue (D), via Blencathra race route (B), or straight up middle via the hidden sheepfold (M), or completely off piste route (P)

James Brisco 24.50 (M)
Rose Singleton 29.55 (D)
Steve O’keefe 30.53(D)
Natalie Hawkrigg 31.49 (M)
Jodie Gray 31.57(D)
Paul Wilson 32.44 (M)
Jenny Russell 37.20 (D)
Dave Arthur 39.10 (D)
Chris Curtis 39.29 (M)
Jenny Russell 41.11(B)
Claire Dickinson 42.08(B)
Dominic Arnold 49.27(P)

Please ensure sure you read “Club run information” at the bottom of this page before joining us on any club runs, especially if you are joining for the first time.


No further Interval sessions until Spring 2020. Instead an ‘Intervals Box’.

The interval team have placed a ‘Intervals Box’ hidden at Bowscale tarn. The idea is to encourage members to continue their interval reps up to the tarn over the winter period. When you do a interval session up to the tarn, find the box and record your effort in the notebook. The location of the box is under stone behind large boulder just before the tarn, 1 metre to the left of path.

Club run information

We meet every second Sunday (whatever the weather) for social club runs.

The start points, distance and routes change each meet. The aim of the club run is to improve stamina through steady pace and mileage increases, as well as to have fun.

We are a friendly and welcoming club and of course we always look out for each other.  If you are joining one of our social runs we ask that;

If you are joining us for the first time you contact us before hand – so we know to expect you and we can answer any questions you might have.  You can do so via our Facebook page or from the Contacts on this website.

  • That you are capable of running 6 miles of the road or trails.
  • That you carry ‘FRA minimum kit’, that is:
    • Waterproof top with hood and taped seams
    • Waterproof trousers with taped seams
    • Hat
    • Gloves
    • Additional warm layer to be carried during colder month (i.e. October to March)
    • Food and drink dependant on distance & individual requirements
  • You accept the risks associated with Fell Running and that you are joining us at your own risk.
  • That neither the Run Leader nor Northern Fell Running Club shall be liable to you for any injury, loss or damage of any nature to you or your property arising out of your participation in this social run.

The ‘Run Leader’ Risk Assessment can be downloaded <HERE>