Northern Fells presents for your running pleasure, the 2019 Winter Choc-O.

This is a Choc-O in a Norwegian style twist!

Instead of a Grid Reference number on each check post you will find a cross-section image of the actual OS map with a small circle indicating the next check post location.

Match the section of the map on the post with your own OS map, and then find the next check post.

All check points are FEATURES on the Ordnance Survey OL5 North-Eastern area Explorer OS Map (new OL5 map). The area of the route is between Easting’s 31 to 37 and Northings 30 to 33.

Please do not climb over any fences, this should not be necessary to find any control.

There is a SHORT and a LONG course. The course splits at control number 4.

The short course is approx. 5 miles long, with approx. 2000ft of total ascent and has 7 controls in total. Estimated time 1.5 – 2 hours.

The long course is approx. 9 miles long (depending on route choice), with approx. 3400ft of ascent (depending on route choice) and 10 controls in total. The long course takes you over pathless terrain with significant grassy tussocks. If you do not like this sort of terrain do not do the long course. Estimated time 3 – 3.5 hours.

At control number 4 there is a Northern Fells CHRISTMAS TREE – so please take a Christmas decoration to place on the tree. If you want, take a photo and put it on social media to show you have been and for us all to see the tree slowly decorated (but no spoilers please!)

To start the course you need to find the MUNGRIZDALE PARISH NOTICE BOARD at Grid Reference 358317. On the notice board you will find the first control description. The notice board is just by the road side, north of the tight bend in the road between the houses at Bowscale. Please note that the door of the notice board opens if it is frosted up.

There is parking at the Bowscale lay by Grid Reference 360315. There is also parking further north near the bridge by the road side.

Please take enough clothing and food to be warm and fed in winter for several hours on the fell.  Check the weather forecast before going out. Take a head torch in case you get accidently caught in the dark and remember you do the Choc-O at your own risk. The course will remain in place until after the New year.

Tips for success;

If you need glasses to read then take them! The image sections of the map on the post are quite small. A magnifying glass might help.

Take a pencil and mark the location on your map. It is recommended to write down the grid reference once you think you know where it is and you have accurately matched the cross-section image to your map.

Read the control description, it helps. Eg. Bottom of NE of 2m crag =The post will be at the bottom of a 2m high crag on the North East side.

Take a photo of the map on the post just in case you want to look back at it.

Only use the Explorer OL5 map. If you use another map (eg. Harvey) the cross sections will not match exactly.

The cross section images are stuck on square cards. I have stuck them down assuming that the top of the card is the North direction, and tried to line up the image according to the direction. This might help with locating were it is on your map.

A ‘bield’ is a low section of  wall, usually in a T shape.

A compass is useful but not essential.

There is a log book at the finish, please record you have been and any comments. Any problems with the course email me