Dunnerdale Fell Race

The Dunnerdale Fell Race by Natalie Hawkrigg

To me Dunnerdale Fell race has significance, it was the first ever ‘proper’ fell race I ever did, but it also marks the end of the season, before I wind down my racing until next year.
It’s a hard race, for its length of only 5 miles, always surprises me that it takes me so long to finish a 5 mile route (just under and hour)- though the record is considerably faster at 35mins!!
My energy has been low lately, not sure if that is due to working too hard, end of a long season or grumbling virus, so the race result wasn’t what I was hoping for this year but that’s just how it goes sometimes.
Jack & Natalie at Dunnerdale

Jack & Natalie at Dunnerdale

Running the race did perk up my energy levels though- just catching up with folk I knew, including Jack King the CFR runner who was our race liaison officer last year for the inaugural Carrock Fell race.

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