Club Runs



The next Sunday Club run is Sunday 16th December.
Instead of a club run, we agreed to all meet socially at the CFR Christmas pudding race instead;

No further Interval sessions until Spring 2018. Instead an ‘Intervals Box’.

The interval team have placed a ‘Intervals Box’ hidden at Bowscale tarn. The idea is to encourage members to continue their interval reps up to the tarn over the winter period. When you do a interval session up to the tarn, find the box and record your effort in the notebook. The location of the box is under stone behind large boulder just before the tarn, 1 meter to the left of path.

Winter Choc-O
Twice a year the club puts out a navigation course for your fell running pleasure. This winter the course has been put out by Adam Jackson.
The course will be in place until New Year, so plenty of time to get out and do it. Start Grid Reference is 271532. All checkpoints are found on the OS OL4map.
There are 11 markers over a course which is 8miles long (as the crow flies). Best start and finish point is Longlands, and the first checkpoint marker is to be found at 271352, where you should find a metal gate near to some old mine workings.
It will take an average of around 3hrs to complete.
Future Sunday Club Run dates:

Sunday December 30th – Claire Dickinson


Club run information

We meet every second Sunday (what ever the weather) for social club runs and every Monday evening.

The start points, distance and routes change each meet. The aim of the club run is to improve stamina through steady pace and mileage increases, as well as to have fun.

We are a friendly and welcoming club and of course we always look out for each other.  If you are joining one of our social runs we ask that;

If you are joining us for the first time you contact us before hand – so we know to expect you and we can answer any questions you might have.  You can do so via our Facebook page or from the Contacts on this website.

  • That you are capable of running 6 miles of the road or trails.
  • That you carry ‘FRA minimum kit’, that is:
  • Waterproof top with hood and taped seams
  • Waterproof trousers with taped seams
  • Hat
  • Gloves
  • Additional warm layer to be carried during colder month (i.e. October to March)
  • Food and drink dependant on distance & individual requirements
  • You accept the risks associated with Fell Running and that you are joining us at your own risk.
  • That neither the Run Leader nor Northern Fell Running Club shall be liable to you for any injury, loss or damage of any nature to you or your property arising out of your participation in this social run.

The ‘Run Leader’ Risk Assessment can be downloaded <HERE>