Our Logo explained

The Northern Fells are an area comprising Carrock Fell, the Caldbeck Fells and the Back ‘o’ Skidda.  The Northern Fells represent an area of the Lake District containing unique geological features compared with the rest of the National Park and the rest of the UK.  Our logo is a (slightly) stylised version of a geological section across selected fells of the area.

The logo came about after a request to club members for ideas and in response a geologist emailed some photos of sketches they had made with their kids felt-tips after returning home from work late at night…“we like the geology idea, but could it be less rainbow! and incorporate the club colours

First though, we’d have to get the skyline right.  To do this, peaks stretching across the Northern Fells area were chosen…

The bottom line became a template, traced onto paper to roughly plot the key underlying rock units from geological mapping sources:

Notice that the “official” geological colours along the section were too diverse and not quite in club colours!  (The colours in geological mapping are used to identify closely related geologic units as these will have similar colours e.g. igneous rocks – rocks formed by the cooling of magma – tending to be represented by purples, pinks and reds, blues for limestone for example, as at Stone Ends to the east).

It becomes easy to see why…“The Carrock Fell area is geologically one of our most fascinating.  For long its remoteness kept it in splendid isolation; ordinary tourists rarely visited it…Scientific interest apart, its rugged wildness makes it worthy of attention…Dealing with it as a subject of geology is not easy.  There is so much to see in so many different places” (E.H. Shackleton, Lakeland Geology, Dalesman Publishing, 1967)

Sketch ref. nos. Geological Unit
2 Potts Ghyll Tuff (Igneous)
3 Andesitic volcanic (Eycott Volcanic Group)
4 Carrock Gabbro Intrusions (Micro Granite)
5 Carrock Gabbro (Micro-Gabbro)
6 Iron Crag Granite (Igneous)
7 Eycott Volcanic Group (Basaltic)
8 Bitter Beck formation (Silt / Mudstone)
9 Hope Beck Formation (Mud / Siltstone)

Consequently, some “artistic licence” grouped together the numerous igneous rock units:

Our tattoo artist then worked up the above felt tipped, tipp-exed sketch into the finished logo, with suggestions from other members including emboldening the skyline and making our distinctive Carrock Fell look right – notice how the Carrock Fell profile has evolved through the sketches:

Want to know more about geology?  There is lots of useful information suitable for all ages on the British Geological Society website: https://www.bgs.ac.uk/opengeoscience/