Bugs’ thoughts on leg 2: Torpenhow to Boltongate

Approx 8 miles

Bugs: No carrots on this farm just cheese and milk so I’m not hanging around! Jen took me back up Binsey from Torpenhow via a skillfully negotiated private track past high houses on the northern facing slopes. The trip up Binsey was a bit slower this time but Jen puts that down to the amount of cheese eaten by her….. not me. From the windy summit we descended down through high Ireby taking in the sights of the old lime kilns, then through Ireby and along the road to Boltongate. A friendly local pointed us to Abi’s House, shes very popular in these parts! I could tell Jen hadn’t run on roads for a while from the creaking of the joints! I’m looking forward to my next leg!

Jenny Lee

The cheese that Bugs definitely didn’t eat
On top of Binsey for the second time in two days
Bugs checks out the lime kilns

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