Bugs’ Blog on Leg 3: Boltongate to Oulton

Approx 8 miles

I’ve had a 4 day holiday in Boltongate and I’ve enjoyed exploring the village. My favourite spot was the 14th century, grade 1 listed All Saints Church. The local folk tell me it’s a former fortified church and it’s reported to be ‘’one of the architectural sensations of Cumbria’’. Well, you learn something new every day! I’ve also had a sneaky peak in all the local veg plots but, I’m sorry to report, not a carrot in sight.  

It’s Saturday today and it’s an early start. I’m off to stay with Michael in Oulton. Abi had told me we were setting off at first light to avoid the weather and some of the traffic in Wigton too. 

We headed out of Boltongate and over to Catlands Foot. Skiddaw had a cloudy top as I waved it goodbye for now but the Northern Fells know I’ll see them again very soon.

Then it was a slow descent into Wigton via Bolton New Houses and crossing the A595 at Red Dial. Abi told me the A595 used to be a Roman Road and she showed me on the map where we passed the ruins of a Roman cavalry station known as ‘Old Carlisle’. It was surprisingly quiet in Wigton town but then it was just after 8am. We crossed the Railway line using the restored Victorian foot bridge and headed out towards Oulton. 

We arrived in Oulton as the weather started to turn so I waved goodbye to Abi and her dog. They were quick to set off retracing their footsteps back to Boltongate. I’m looking forward to meeting Michael and setting off on the next leg of my adventure. I’m also ever hopeful that carrots will be on the menu for tea tonight!

Abigail Driver

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