Bugs blog leg four – Oulton to Carlisle

I spent the night in Oulton with Michael. I loved it because I got to know the family and the cats very well.

Michael had an early start milking his cows but after that he swapped his wellies for his running trainers. We set off to Carlisle, where we passed through Baldwinholme, Cranstons and Dalston where there was a lot of dogs. Michael had to lift me really high in the sky!

We crossed over the River Caldew then arrived at our destination-Carlisle race course. It’s a shame there were no horses. I wanted to have a ride on one. Today I did my first half marathon…13.2 miles! I’m looking forward to meeting Angela next on leg five.

It’s been a pleasure bugs and I hope to see you again, Michael.

Michael Rudd

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