Bugs’ blog leg 8: Sebergham to Southernby to Caldbeck

Friday morning and Paul messages to say he has dropped Bugs in Sebergham for me to collect, I recognise the location so that’s good. I was hoping Paul would make the drop before the weekend so I could get my long run done. I have my kids at home school, so I catch up with Mr D and check if he can take the lunch shift. I have about an hour and luckily the teachers have not scheduled live lessons until later. Kit on and ready to go with kid handover. It’s about 5km down the road through Church Town then joining the Cumbria Way at St Mary’s Church. Bugs was recovered and we carried on up the Cumbria way to the river crossing below Cowgill. It’s a route I often use in summer but need to be careful In wintertime as it can be to cold and deep. It’s not rained much in the last week so should be good to cross. It’s knicker deep but Bugs is safely in my running vest pocket. Then it’s on to the farm. 

A night at the farm and the kids are excited to see Bugs. There are some chicks, and cows to see. Bugs is safely sleeping on the shelf as Whippets are very naughty at chasing rabbits. He gets an early wake up call in the morning as there are cows to feed. Then it’s onto the more important job of running.

Feeding the cows

It’s about 7km up the road to Calebreak past Woodhall, and then we are on the fell. Heading up Red Gate and then onto the summit of High Pike.

Bugs’ first summit of High Pike with Claire

After a quick photo stop it’s on through Claybottom to Caldbeck. I was trying to decide on a good drop off point and the Parish Hall seems a good location. Bugs is safely stashed behind a drain spout and Tony is messaged to let him know. 

Hopefully it won’t be long until Bugs is recovered as I felt a little sad leaving him behind.  I rejoined the Cumbria way At Caldbeck Surgery and then headed to Hesket Newmarket again before heading home.  My legs are tired but it was great to have Bugs along for the ride. I am looking forward to reading about his next adventures.

Pick up 9km (4km with Bugs)
High Pike long run 25km (16km with Bugs)

Claire Dickinson

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