Bugs’ blog leg 6

Following Angela and Zack’s well-placed hide for me in Rickerby Park, I continued my trek to the northern scrublands of Carlisle. Initially, I thought my luck was in with the biggest carrot I have ever seen. Unfortunately, someone else beat me to it!

I should have known what was coming next. The domesticated animal asked for yet another pet selfie (note to myself – check plastic bunny life insurance for encounters with claws and teeth).

After years of dreaming about the big city, finally I had the opportunity for a Friday night out on the town! However, everywhere was closed due to some global issue beginning with C. People forget that I am only a plastic rabbit with limited vocabulary and there is only one C word I know, which is Carrot of course. If there is a problem with Carrots, then I am going home!

During the same week that NASA sent the Perseverance Rover to Mars, NFRC tasked me with looking for life in the outer reaches of Cumbria. I quickly realised that the indigenous people that had settled in this featureless terrain were clearly very strange. Who would not want to live near a hill?

After surviving a recce in Kingmoor Nature Reserve, the high noon sun lit my path home and South I went. You have to be careful in these urban jungles with new trip hazards to test your route finding skills.

I am always ready for a challenge. Not quite a granite crag but I spotted the opportunity to put a new route up. I graded it 7A and called it Carrot Ridge. Someone filmed me and said they would release a documentary called Free Solo 2 staring Bugs and his quest to conquer El Capitarlisle. 

Continuing my journey from North to West Carlisle I found the majestic River Eden again and a real sense of home began to set in. I climbed a small hill and could see the Northern Fells in the distance. I can’t believe how far I have gone.

My next companion is Paul so I needed to find somewhere safe for him to find me. After spotting a traffic cone I had a cunning plan that this would be a great drop bag location for Paul to pick me up. Also, vaguely carrot shaped which was a bonus. After a quick look on Strava (rabbit edition), I could see Paul is an expert ultra-runner, so I bet he has got great plans for me. I have had my protein shake and look forward to my next trip.

Stuart Parry

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