Bugs’ blog: leg 5 (part 2)

Time to move on from West Carlisle, I think Angela has a grand tour of the central parks planned for me. Bitz Park, passing the Sheepmount athletics track, I quite fancy running a couple of laps, but no there’s no ‘run rabbit run’ round the track today, it is closed!

Down the tree lined avenue to Eden Bridge, up and over to Rickerby Park. Evidence of flooding here – I wasn’t allowed to get dirty & wet with Zack, I had to be well presented for Stuart!

Cenotaph monument was visited, a memorial to the fallen of both the First and Second World Wars;   Angela thought someone may find me here before Stuart did, so onward we went.  

We left the park enroute to Linstock and my final destination, The Octagonal Folly, built by George Head Head, to keep watch over the local farm land and now considered a local important landmark – but just not as prominent as Dixon’s Chimney!

Who knows how long I will lie here but I’m feeling excited about leg 6 and seeing what Stuart has in store for me.

Angela Wilson

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