Bugs’ blog leg 17: Whinlatter to Wythop (aka the home stretch)

After Chris and I said our goodbyes, I settled down in Whinlatter forest for my final night out in the Northern Fells. I spent some time before bed munching on my pine cone and thinking back over all the places I’d been and the humans who’d shown me the way; I felt a bit sad that my adventure was coming to an end, but was excited to get back home!
Soon Friday dawned and I’d had such a cosy sleep that, when Jodie arrived to collect me, I was surprised to see a dusting of snow on the ground. I was even more surprised, however, to see that she was accompanied by what appeared to be two furry monsters who were at that very moment emerging from the small bog right next to my bivvy.

The ominous bog monster

I’ve seen a lot over the past couple of months, but I’ll admit this still gave me a bit of a shock! On closer inspection, though, I realised they were dogs – and one of them was Gwen who I remembered from my very first adventure with my owner Rose. It was great to see her again because I knew that, unlike Mizzle who I’d met on my epic day out with Alison, Gwen and her best friend Mirk had absolutely no interest in bunny ears – they were far too busy faffing around with a small piece of heather that they seemed to think was a stick (unfortunately Jodie “accidentally” let it blow away in the wind soon after we set off, so they had to make do with just running)!
After a last look back at my final bivvy, the Wythop pack – with me as a new fourth member! – headed off uphill and out of the trees to a fell called Lord’s Seat. It was wild, but I managed to cling on to a post on the summit long enough for a quick photo and a look over to what Jodie told me were the Coledale fells. They looked beautiful covered in snow – and got me thinking about potential future adventures…!

Coledale fells from Lord’s Seat

Jodie, Mirk and Gwen were keen to show me a couple more of Rose’s favourite local fells, so we headed onwards to a Wainwright called Broom which had a huge cairn on top.

The huge cairn on Broom Fell

It was great for another photo op but, after it started hailing, we decided to head down into the shelter of the valley. We took a direct line across Embleton High Common towards Ling fell. This was quite slow going as, although it looked like a field, it was actually a huge bog with some grass on top (I could tell this when both human and dogs came out of it completely covered in mud!). Jodie also said some words that I recognised from my time with Graham, which I won’t repeat here!
After wading across the common, we headed up Ling and stood at the summit cairn looking back over towards Skiddaw the Northern Fells. From there, the whole of my journey as well my home in Wythop were in view. 

Ling Fell

Then, it was time to head downhill and back down the road to Wythop. I spent the rest of the day sitting in Rose’s garden, eating the last of my pine cone while looking at her very favourite fell, Sale and feeling extremely proud of our achievement!

Total for final leg = 4 miles

Jodie Gray

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