Bugs’ blog leg 16: Keswick to Whinlatter

After a broken night’s sleep perched in a small tree I was collected by Chris and spent a few days playing with a new friend.

Bugs gets lucky?

Up early on a Thursday we set off by the back roads road towards Braithwaite. The road section was quiet but a bit dull and I was looking forward to some more hills, although the weather was building up to windy and wet so be careful what you wish for. After leaving Braithwaite the scenery got a bit more interesting and I whipped a lazy Chris to get a move on up Whinlatter Pass, past the visitor centre and then up the zig-zags towards Whinlatter mountain.  It was lovely and peaceful in the edge of the forest so I posted a few pics of me in the comfy moss on my Insta account.

Running through the woods on empty bike paths was wonderful with mists hanging in the trees and verdant green everywhere, how great to have a whole forest to yourself. Eventually we popped out higher up and trotted off to Whinlatter top and then on to Brown How.  For some dreadful moment I thought I was going to be left there: it was raining and cold and so blustery I poked myself in the eye with my carrot!  Thankfully Chris had a change of heart and decided that with the weather coming in Lords Seat would be a better place to leave me.

After running what seemed like too many confusing forest paths I had to stop for a rest and another Insta opportunity, this time with breakfast.

Finally I found the right junction on the path to Lords Seat and settled down, hidden in the grass, for a well-earned nap.  I wondered what exciting travels awaited me next and secretly looked forward to my last trip before I got home to Wythop. I wonder if Chris enjoyed his very wet run home? Meh, whatever…

Total distance = 11miles

Chris Curtis

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