Bugs’ blog leg 15: Mungrisdale to Keswick

Sunday turned out to be a long day as after only 90 mins in the tree I was off again. This time with Alison and Border Terrier Mizzle (who’s favourite treat is bunny ears, so I was a little nervous and stern words were had before we set off). Apparently, it is about 10 miles to Keswick from Mungrisdale so I thought perhaps it would take couple of hours.

Initially we headed in the right direction up a little Wainwright called Souther Fell then a trip to my highest point so far called Blencathra. Fantastic view from up here (still with some snow) and I could see Derwentwater which was where Keswick is apparently.

Souther Fell

From here things started to go wrong as we set off down ‘The Bob Graham Route’ across some boggy ground to a random pile of stones which apparently is a Wainwright called Mungrisdale Common. 

Mungrisdale Common (Mizzle getting a little too close)

After this we had a slight change of direction, back towards Keswick, as Alison wanted to avoid a river crossing and take in some local highlights. First was the Cloven Stone followed by some good running towards Skiddaw House Youth Hostel (no coffee being served) but again we seemed to be heading the wrong way.

Cloven Stone
Skiddaw House

After this diversion we started climbing again to a new Wainwright called Great Calva. From here I could see across to some of the Wainwrights I did earlier in the challenge, although slightly concerned we could be heading to High Pike again. However, it was alright (well except we were still heading in the wrong direction) as we picked up a top which isn’t a Wainwright called Little Calva.

Great Calva
Little Calva

It was only after this point I released my two running companions were a really crazy as instead of following the well-trodden path down they straight lined it through the heather (eventually Mizzle had to be carried it was so deep). After a quick water stop, we headed up another Wainwright called Bakestall. After spectacular sunshine all day we turned towards the highest point of the day, Skiddaw. Windy with thick cold clag it was very unpleasant, and I was wedged into the cairn in case I got blown away.


On the plus side as we headed down to our next Wainwright, Skiddaw Little Man, the sun was shining again, and I could clearly see Keswick. I spotted a motorway looking path descending Skiddaw towards Keswick but of course we ran straight across it heading East again, away from Keswick. I demonstrated my displeasure by jumping out of Alison’s pocket twice in a short distance, which only lead to me being held from there on. After going over Lonscale Fell (yet another Wainwright) we took a rather direct line across country back to the motorway path. 

Skiddaw Little Man

Slight diversion for sunset on Lattrigg (my 11th Wainwright on Sunday) and a brief rest on a bench.

A famous bench

After nearly five hours on the go we arrived into Keswick, just as it started to get dark, and I was treated to Fish and Chips before being hidden in another tree for a second bivvy. 

Running – 17.5 miles

9 Wainwrights 

Alison Love

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