Bugs’ Blog Leg 14: Skelton to Mungrisdale

After my bike ride Natalie dropped me off in Skelton, the sun was shining so I spent the afternoon in Jenny and Steve’s garden.  The garden looked very posh but they didn’t have any carrots growing, apparently it was the wrong time of year.  Jenny and Steve worked very hard in the garden and afterwards it was time for a beer.   I think this is my favourite Wainwright.  

The next morning bags were being packed and water bottles filled.  As I am getting more experienced  I know this means that I’ll be heading out and moving on.  I got a great seat on the handlebars of Jenny’s bike.  We cycled back towards the fells to Mungrisdale where I thought I would be left for Alison.  

I was wrong, the bike was hidden, shoes were changed – we were going for a run.  But yet again I was taken in the wrong direction.  Jenny explained that Northern Fells is a very friendly club, but given a choice between a direct route, or a route that goes to a summit or to somewhere interesting we will probably chose the latter. So despite being really not far from Alison’s house were taking a six and a half mile diversion.

Our first stop was Bowscale Tarn, though the sun was shining the Tarn still looked a bit cold and I was glad that we didn’t have to go for a swim.  

Bowscale Tarn

We continued up the steep climb from Bowscale and along to Bowscale fell where I bagged another Wainwright, only this time it was a summit not a beer.   

Bowscale summit

Then along to another Wainwright, Bannerdale Crags – where we did take the direct line back towards the valley.

Bannerdale Crags
“I can’t believe we just came down there!”

Heading back towards Mungrisdale we saw a familiar face…..Natalie….I was a bit worried as I didn’t know if I was about to be taken for another run up High Pike.  Thankfully we stopped for a photo then Jenny took me back to the village where we started and left me hidden in a tree for Alison to come and find me.

Bike 7.8 miles

Run 6.7 miles 

Jenny Russell

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