Bugs’ blog leg 12: Little Fellside to Calebreck

It was 9pm and I was still waiting at spider-man mask gully to be rescued. Where was Rachael? I didn’t fancy spending a night all alone with not even a carrot to munch on. How was I going to survive? I was feeling a little sad but then I saw the bright light of a head torch coming towards me, was I to be rescued after waiting all these hours? Luckily for me…. Rachael arrived, scooped me up and took me back to the warmth of Little Fellside. It looked familiar, I think I had stayed the night here before!!

After a day of rest I could tell the humans were plotting something. I think it was time for me to move on and meet Natalie. I’m not too sure how I feel about that as I may have a daily trip up High Pike planned instead of rest days, my poor little legs! 
“Wait….. Wait…. Hooomans… You’re going the wrong way!” These pesky Northern Fell runners really do not know how to navigate properly! Oh well, looks like I’m off for a grand tour of the Northern Fells, at least it was a nice day! 
We set off and first stop was Longlands. A new Wainwright for me.


After a quick photo stop we soon headed in the right direction… Finally! They took me sledging on the side of Little Sca Fell.

Little Sca Fell

Then we headed up onto Great Sca Fell and I was shown the route ahead. I could almost see destination Natalie… maybe it wasn’t going to be such a bad day out after all.

Great Sca Fell

Next up was boggy Knott but the views of Skiddaw were pretty spectacular, happy Bugs.


We had finished most of the ascent now and so it was time to head downhill. We had a little break in Lingy Hut where the humans ate some wine gums but once again they had forgot a snack for me. I admired the view from the window seat before we set off again.

The view from Lingy Hut

The final Wainwright for the day was High Pike, this was the fourth time I had been taken up here in 10 days and I certainly don’t think its going to me my last! Another photo stop and the humans plotted my abandonment.

High Pike…again!

I was left in a burrow by a giant boulder on Natalie’s regularly frequented route up High Pike, I was a little concerned as she does her daily trip in a morning. Did that mean I was wild camping the night? Maybe it will be fun? The humans waved me off and didn’t look back. I sat patiently and waited for Natalie’s arrival.

Collection run: 2.7 miles (1.7 with bugs) 

Leg 12 run: 10.5 miles (8.3 with bugs)

Rachael Lewis

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