Bugs’ blog leg 11: Hesket to Little Fellside

Well I must say Graham left me in a somewhat uncomfortable place in a dark and dingy salt bin, so I was very relieved when Andy was able to find me from the clues Graham sent him. But there was no rest for the wicked, as Andy took me around his regular ‘around the block’ evening running route. I was rather cold, windy and raining so not the most pleasant of experiences. 
Andy is not the fastest runner either, so it took a while. But eventually, we got back to his house and I thought I’d get some rest. But oh no, we ended up on a mat on the floor watching some weird tv programme with a bunch of strange people shouting instructions at me, so I got my first experience of indoor exercise.

Bugs has his first experience of an indoor workout

When at last that was finished, I was treated to a nice cold beer, so all was right with the world again.

After a good nights sleep, Andy took me on another trip around the block. I think he had decided that the weather wasn’t good enough for a trip over the fells. What a wuss. I’d have been fine, but it seems Andy isn’t as hardy as some of his other running mates in the club.
However, finer weather was on the horizon, and on Sunday we eventually headed out to Calebreck for a jaunt up West Fell and High Pike from where we got some great views of Skiddaw and Blencathra and the Northern Fells. I’ve seen this hill a few times now, but it was ok as the weather was clear and cool and the views were as good as ever.

Bugs on the now very familiar trig on High Pike

I could see Graham’s house from the fell, and since I was due to meet Rachel somewhere down there we headed off the top to the north down towards Fellside. It’s a nice run off in that direction and I was surprised at the speed we whizzed off the fell given Andy’s age! So I had to find a safe place to hide until Rachel was able to pick me up, and Andy found a somewhat worrying dark hole for me between some stones in the Spider-Man mask gully! 

Bugs was thankful that he didn’t have to spend the night in Spider-man mask gully

Luckily I didn’t have to wait long before I spotted the bright light of Rachel’s head torch, and she found me no problem. So ended my little adventure with Andy.
Mileage 11.8 miles. 

Andy Ross

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