Bugs blog leg 10: Little Fellside to Hesket

Tony had the right spot so Graham’s run to collect me was a short one on Sunday! I spent a couple of days nice and warm on the mantlepiece at Little Fellside and was getting used to the sedentary lifestyle but Graham got the map out on Wednesday morning which I was learning meant a new adventure! I wasn’t too sure about my suggested form of transport but Graham was sure Clova the dog would be a trusty stead to take me on the next run!

The distance between Little Fellside and my next destination at Hesket Newmarket seemed small, but I’m quickly learning that some of these Northern Fell Runners are not very good at map reading so it was not a surprise when we headed off in the wrong direction!

We followed the track up Raughton Gill and Graham pointed out some of the old mineworks. Rabbits in the old days must have been really big as some of their holes are huge! At the end of the valley we climbed up and across a very full stream before contouring round to a gully and heading up into the cloud.

As we slowly reached the top of the gully and headed onto Great Lingy Hill the wind and rain really picked up and Graham taught me some new vocabulary that he has made me promise not to repeat. We trudged on through the wet and before long I was back on the top of High Pike! No views this time unfortunately.

We headed down towards Caldbeck and before long we were out of the cloud and the wind wasn’t as bad. We were really not far from where we had started the morning but I wanted to explore some new surroundings and Graham’s map reading and sense of direction seemed to be improving so we continued down into the village and past Caldbeck Surgery before heading out along the Cumbria Way towards Sebergham. After a short period we dropped down to the river at a place called Rivers Meet and I had a great time on a swing we found.

The path up to Hesket Newmarket was a little slippy but we all managed to stay on our feet and soon arrived in the village. Graham was wishing The Old Crown was open as he wanted to teach me about beer, but no such luck for now. He left me in a safe place for Andy to pick me up and I thanked him and Clova for an interesting if somewhat wet day out!


Collection run 20 metres (10 with Bugs)!!

Wet and windy adventure 13.9 miles (10.8 with Bugs)

Graham Lewis

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