A couple of Carrock Fell Race poems by Natalie Hawkrigg

The post race ‘Thank you’ poem.

Firstly to our helpers who have kept us all from harm,

Without you all, this race would never leave this farm.

Next to all you runners for turning up today,

Carrock Fell’s ‘a gud un’ we have heard you all say.

Well done to all our winners, you ran hard and fast,

But we don’t do it for the prizes, we do it for the blast.

We musn’t forget our bakers, for all the yummy cakes,

Hope you have eaten them all, coz they took a lot to makes.

Don’t forget our talk tonight at Miilhouse village hall,

It will be looking at running style, so you can prevent a fall.

So, we hope you will all come back and run again next year.

it’s also worth a visit to the ‘Old Crown’ for a Carrock beer.

So, finally thanks a lot and sorry for this bad rhyme,

I’ll try and make it better for you all’s next times.

The race report poem

120 runners turned out to run the 2019 Carrock Fell race.
All setting off quickly, pushing a very fast pace.  

Conditions were cold and the head wind was very strong,
Prizes and race vouchers were sponsored by our local King Kong.  

On Carrock Fell top, the front runners pushed really hard.
Rob Jebb out the front, Noah Hurton yet to play his winning card.  

Sharon Taylor led the ladies for a little while,
But Hannah Horsburgh took the lead for the very last mile.  

Causey Pike the day before in lot’s of runners thigh’s.
Doing a ‘double whammy’ is the new runners high’s.  

Yet Darren Parker (crazy man) did more than two,
Rumours say he did a triple, something only a few can do.  

Darren Fishwick was amazed by the race toi-Let’s.
The RLO was very impressed by the super strong vet’s.  

Lot’s of new records despite the weather now hold,
Even tales of silly race poems at the end were told.

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